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Wako Filter Technology Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.waftec.jp

●Head OfficeHead Office MAP

8-3 Kaji-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 Japan
Executive Board       Phone: 81-3-5256-7870

General Affairs & Human Resources Group
Phone: 81-3-5256-7870
Accounting & Financial Affairs Group
Phone: 81-3-5256-7870
Corporate Planning Group
Phone: 81-3-5256-7871
Information Network System Group
Phone: 81-3-5256-7875
Sales & Marketing
Automotive Filter Sales & Marketing Dept
Phone: 81-3-5256-7861
Industrial Engine & Hydraulic Filter Sales & Marketing Dept
Phone: 81-3-5256-7862
Industrial Equipment Sales & Marketing Group
Phone: 81-3-5256-7863
●Osaka BranchOosaka MAP

14-33 Esaka-cho 1-chome, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-0063 Japan
Phone: 81-6-6386-1603

●Tsukuba PlantTsukuba Plant MAP

1129-1 Nekozane, Bando-shi, Ibaraki 306-0616 Japan
Phone: 81-297-30-1222

●Shizuoka Plant IShizuoka Plant I MAP

867 Nagamizo, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-1126 Japan
Phone: 81-538-23-3911

●Shizuoka Plant IIShizuoka Plant II MAP

2134-80 Asana, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-1102 Japan
Phone: 81-538-30-2111

Organization Chart
1952 Aug.
Foundation at Kanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo with capital \5 million.
1954 Mar.
Change of location of Head Office to Kyobashi,Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1954 Jul.
Start of business of Wako Anchor.
1954 Sep.
Establishment of Nippon Filter Mfg. Co.,Ltd.(NFK). Start of supply of Microfilter for oil refining. Start of production of filters for internal combustion engine, hydraulic equipment and industrial equipment. NFK Microfilter and Filter Separator had exclusive approval in Japan from Japan Defense Agency(JDA), U.S.Air Force and Shell Oil Co. for aircraft refueling service.
1963 Sep.
Development of O-type Pole Guard for protection of electric power pole and start of supply to electric power companies.
1969 Mar.
Sales Agreement with Michigan Dynamics, U.S.A.and start of supply of filter for aircraft refueling.
1970 Sep.
Establishment of Wako Fram Co.,Ltd., a joint venture with Fram Corp., U.S.A and License Agreement between Fram Corp. and Nippon Filter Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
1971 Jan.
Increase of capital to \60 million
1971 May.
Merger of Nippon Filter Mfg. Co.,Ltd.(Capital \60 million) and Daiichi Rogyo Co.,Ltd. (Capital \10 million) to Wako Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Capital after merger \130million) for integrating overall force of production and supply.
1971 Sep.
Development of heavy duty Anchor(8 tons) and Pneumatic Anchor Driver for driving large-sized Anchor.
1971 Dec.
License Agreement with Fram Corp., U.S.A for automotive filter.
1973 Mar.
Establishment of Shizuoka plant to expand production capacity of automotive filter.
1979 Apr.
License Agreement with Facet Enterprises, Inc. who was separated from Fram Corp. and start of production of Filter Separator complying with American Petroleum Institute(API) standard for airport fueling facilities use.
1980 Oct.
License Agreement with King Tool Company, U.S.A. and start of production and supply King Tool gas Filter on exclusive basis in Japan.
1982 May.
Dissolution of joint venture, Wako Fram Co.,Ltd. and the business succeeded by Wako Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1983 Jan.
Establishment of technical center by integrating laboratories and various testing equipments in Kawasaki plant.
1985 Apr.
Expansion of innovative production facilities of Shizuoka plant.
1986 Dec.
Establishment of Fukude Industrial Ltd. as a subsidiary.
1989 Dec.
Establishment of Osaka branch at Suita-shi, Osaka.
1990 May.
Operation of press parts production facility in Shizuoka plant
1993 Apr.
Operation of plastic injection moulding facility in Shizuoka plant
1994 Nov.
Change of location and expansion of Fukude Industrial Ltd. and rename to Wako Filter Ltd.
1996 Aug.
Establishment of Wako Plastic Ltd. as a subsidiary.
1997 May.
Acquisition of qualification of international quality management standard ISO9001.
1997 Dec.
Establishment of Henan Pingyuan Wako Filter Co.,Ltd., a joint venture in China with Pingyuan Machine Factory, China and start of production and supply of automotive filter.
2000 Jul.
Increase of capital to \312 million by adding \182 million.
2001 Oct.
Tie-up with Hydac International, a hydraulic equipment maker in Germany.
2002 Jul.
Acquisition of qualification of international environment management standard ISO14001.
2003 Jun.
Acquisition of qualification of international quality management standard ISO9001:2000.
2004 Apr.
Change of location of Head Office to Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Establishment of Shizuoka plant II specializing in plastic products.
2004 May.
Merger of Wako Plastic Ltd.
2004 Nov.
Increase of capital to \560 million by equity participation of Mann+Hummel, an automotive parts maker in Germany. Establishment of Mann+Hummel Wako Co.,Ltd., 50:50 joint venture between Mann+Hummel Japan K.K. and Wako Industrial Co.,Ltd. and start of sales and development of filters for automotive and industrial
2005 May.
Establishment of Tsukuba plant at Bando-shi, Ibaraki.
2005 Jul.
Rename to Wako Filter Technology Co.,Ltd. from Wako Industrial Co.,Ltd.
2006 Jul.
Establishment of Technical Center in Tsukuba Plant. Establishment of Design Center in Shin-yokohama Office
2007 Mar.
Establishment of WAFTEC Showroom in Tsukuba Technical Center.
2007 Oct.
Decrease of Capital by ¥80 million to ¥480 million.
2008 May.
Establishment of Xinxiang Peace Seiki Co.,Ltd. in Henan Province,China.
2008 Jun.
Dissolution of joint venture agreement with Mann+Hummel Japan K.K. for Mann+Hummel Wako Co.,ltd. Establishment of Wako Autoparts Co.,Ltd. as a subsidiary specializing in aftermarket.
2008 Oct.
Acquisition of qualification of international quality management standard ISO/TS16949.
2009 Nov.
Establishment of Shanghai Wako Filter Trading Co.,Ltd.
2010 Feb.
Rename of Daiichi Rogyo Co.,Ltd. to Wako Techno Co.,Ltd. and increase of capital to \80 million by adding \70 million.
2010 May.
Unite of Guy Anchor & Equipments Business Division into Wako Techno Co.,Ltd. as a total service company of environment relation