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Shizuoka Factory 1
Foundation of high-quality brand Provide“Reliability”and“Safety”
The proof of reliability is the ability to constantly provide the technology and products on demand in the society.
The foundation of WAFTEC brand have been established by achieving acclaim of customers through the creation of products of global excellence at factory where innovation is constantly introduced.
Shizuoka Factory 1
Shizuoka Factory 1

Supporting WAFTEC brand With qualified manufacturing in the world

Filter Paper Pleating
Filter media processing lines, 250-ton and 300-ton transfer presses, leak testers, and other cutting-edge facilities for manufacturing high-performance filters through full utilization of metal processing technology can be found at the Shizuoka Factory 1.
A production line using a fully automated robot control system has been newly established to not only reduce manpower, but to manufacture higher quality filters that can withstand high temperatures and high pressures.
We will continue to make history as the leading company of filters by producing products that will receive high acclaims from the international market.

Filter Assy

300t Transfer Press

Automatic Work Transfer Robot

Shizuoka Factory 1
867 Nagamizo, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-1126 JapanShizuoka Factory 1 MAP