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Shizuoka Factory 2
Pursuing environment-friendliness through automation and labor-saving
Companies are now expected to conduct environment-friendly business activity.
WAFTEC's basic stance is to manufacture products under strict quality management in clean factory with placing importance on environment preservation.
Shizuoka Factory 2
Shizuoka Factory 2

Establishment of Consistent Production System and World Standard Plastic Moulding

Element Moulding
Shizuoka Factory 2, which started operations in May 2004, is the most advanced factory of the WAFTEC brand, aiming for the highest standard of quality in products to be supplied to automobile manufacturers throughout the world. Filters are produced in consistent system to comply with the specifications of individual automobile manufacturers. Plastic moulding line has been achieved that conforms to global standards. In addition, the factory has obtained certification in international standards for quality control and for the environment. Eco-friendly activities are also pursued with the implementation of, for instance, traceability, which allows all product parts to be traced back to when and where they were made.

Plastic Moulding

Eco Filter Element Welding

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Air Cleaner Assembly

Shizuoka Factory 2
2134-80 Asana, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka 437-1102 Japan Shizuoka Factory 2 MAP