Wako Filter Technology Co., Ltd.

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What is WAFTEC
Contributions to Customers / Community Environment
Symbiosis with the environment through precise decision-making

Precise decision-making is indispensable in creating solid values within a society that never stops chang-ing.
And these values must be able to coexist harmo-niously with the community and environment.
Through promotion of quality assurance and ISO activities, environmental considerations are included in WAFTEC's technology and products.

Strong Development /
Technology /
"Technology" and "Human Resources" supporting the WAFTEC brand

The vital source of the WAFTEC brand is the brilliance of each and every staff member.
"Aggressiveness" in striving for higher levels of performance; "Flexibility" in addressing challenges with an open perspective; and "Passion" in creating a more comfortable environment.
Supporting the WAFTEC brand are the technology and human resources we have cultivated since our foundation.

Past / Present / Future Visions
Visions for the past,present, and future.
Creating history for the future by build-ing accomplishments in "safety" and "reliability."

Wako Filter Technology has supported Japan's filter market throughout its history by providing solid technology and product quality.
Since our foundation,we have infused "safety" and "reliability" into all the products we have created.
Until now, and from now on,we have and will continue to aim to be a company that builds future society by supporting people's lives.
The“dreams”of each of our employees will be turned into technology and quality to forge a new history for WAFTEC.